Art & Science

Welcome to Kuwee.

KUWEE has been innovating the art of advertising for over 30 years. From creating the first TrueType fonts for desktop publishing with Apple (and Steve Jobs), to delivering QR Code magazines and AI driven advertising.

At the core, relevant audiences, creative experiences and making sure your ads are seen by potential buyers is what we do. KUWEE is where ART meets SCIENCE.

Our campaigns focus on where the right people are looking, then deliver your campaign via mobile phone, tablet, desktop, laptop and TV.

KUWEE qualifies and sends phone calls, form fills, clicks and taps directly to your sales team. We help build your brand and online presence, while crafting every ad with the love it deserves, while delivering real business outcomes.

In recent times, we built a dedicated dashboard that monitors every ad view, click and conversion at anytime. True understanding across every campaign with the real world outcome it generates. Getting results is one thing, but also understanding the direct effects from our campaigns is just as important.

The digital world is so automated, however we see things very differently and handle the process with the care and personal touch it deserves. Digital to human experiences.

Below is our KUWEE brochure:

Christies Real Estate Magazine

Below are a few client examples:

Christies Real Estate Magazine International View LVMH Annual Report NYC Homes