Marcus Freeman

KUWEE has been innovating for over 30 years, from creating the first TrueType fonts for desktop publishing solutions with Apple & Steve Jobs, to presently delivering AI driven advertising & virtual assistants to reach the right person and qualify.

The word “KUWEE” originates from the Australian outback, and is what you shout out if you are lost or need help. Locating and helping customers is at our core and referenced by our name. 

Apple & Kuwee

With a history in advertising, KUWEE evolved with a focus to help businesses reach the right audience with the right message, then deliver quality enquiries. Creating the best digital experience.

KUWEE creates marketing campaigns for leading companies around the world such as Christie’s Real Estate, Apple, Knight Frank, Rolls Royce, Louis Vuitton & Sotheby’s International to name a few. Our campaigns focus on where the right people are looking, then deliver the message via mobile phone, tablet, desktop, laptop and TV.

We help build your brand and online presence, while crafting every campaign with the attention it deserves…delivering real business outcomes and great digital experiences.

Kuwee Advertising

KUWEE AI Assistant

Over the years, we noticed that better qualification was required on enquiries delivered, so we developed the KUWEE AI assistant to answer more questions, have a conversation, then direct to the best person.

Reach past, present and future customers with KUWEE, and experience increased sales and customer satisfaction. We merge art and science with every campaign to achieve optimum results.

The world is changing and people want answers 24/7, and expect to receive the information they require instantly. (brochure, video, floor plan, more photos, etc…)

The KUWEE assistant can do all that, plus either nurture more, arrange meeting, or connect to a live person to discuss further. Digital to human experiences are best.

It is an art & science to get the right balance of instant information, smart conversations and a real person at the right time. Explore all this and more with KUWEE.

We look forward to meeting you soon to discuss your plans.


Kindest regards,

Marcus Freeman

Marcus Freeman
Founder & CEO
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