Partner with KUWEE and unlock the lead generation potential of your content.

For over three decades, KUWEE has been at the forefront of the publishing industry. From creating the first TrueType fonts with Apple and Steve Jobs, to leading the way in content marketing… particularly the design and deployment of the highest quality brochures and magazines.

Counting esteemed luxury clients like Louis Vuitton, Christies International Real Estate, One Barangaroo, Barnes International Realty and Rolls Royce to name a few, our primary objective remains unwavering: delivering publications of unparalleled quality to the right audience.

Our comprehensive publishing program elevates your content to new heights, transforming ordinary PDFs into powerful lead generation tools that lead to new business. Here's what our publishing program entails:

  • Provision of a unique web address for your publication.
  • Seamless integration of name, email, and other details to access the brochure or magazine.
  • Direct forwarding of all leads to your sales team for prompt follow-up and support.
  • Integration of embedded videos within publications for enhanced engagement.
  • Creation of custom social media tiles and step-by-step guidance for effective social sharing.
  • Tailored email templates to complement your publication.
  • Targeted promotion to capture the interest of your desired audience.
  • Utilization of AI algorithms to connect your publication with the most receptive audience segments. (Optional)